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7 Amazing Ecuador Facts

Ecuador Facts

Ecuador is an amazing and wonderful place to visit at least once in a lifetime. It is situated right on the Equator line in South America and it is bordered by Columbia in the north and Peru in the east and south. Ecuador is especially known for beautiful Galapagos Islands, beautifully preserved historic sites and natural sceneries. Here are some of the most wonderful Ecuador facts, you’ll love to know.

Ecuador Facts

1.  Ecuador Facts: Biodiversity

More than 1600 different bird species live in the world that makes about 15 percent of all known bird species in the world. There are also 16,000 species of plants, 106 endemic reptiles, 138 endemic amphibians and about 6000 species of butterfly in Ecuador. That’s why, according to conservation International, Ecuador is the top country that has the most biodiversity per square kilometer in the world and it is on number 8 on the most biodiverse countries list. Galapagos Islands are also famous for being the place where Darwin made his “Theory of Evolution” and it’s also declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


2. Mount Chimborazo: The Highest Mountain from the Center of The Earth

In some of the most amazing Ecuador Facts, this fact is really interesting as it tells about the highest mountain from the center of the Earth. Ecuador has one of the tallest mountains of the world. In fact ten of its mountains are over 5000 meter high. The highest mountain in Ecuador is Mount Chimborazo which is 6,268 meters (20, 565 feet) high. As Earth bulges slightly at the equator, the peak of Mount Chimborazo is the farthest point from the earth’s center and it is also the point of Earth that is closest to Sun.


3. Ecuador Facts: Smallest Orchid in the World

Total number of the species of orchid, discovered in Ecuador is more than 4100. In 2009, world’s smallest orchid was also found in the Ecuador. American Scientist Lou was collecting a much larger plant when he suddenly saw a tiny flower among its roots. After observing it carefully, Lou found out that it was an orchid and it was also the smallest orchid in the world. It was just 2.1 mm wide and its petals were transparent that were only one cell thick.


4. Highest Diversity of Humming Bird Species

One of the most amazing Ecuador facts is about the great number of birds species here. Ecuador has most biodiversity per square kilometer in the world and it also has a large number of animal and plant species. Vampire bats have only three species in the world and all three of them are found in Ecuador. It also has the highest diversity of hummingbird species in the world. Speaking about birds, more that 1600 bird species are found in Ecuador and these bird species are twice the number of birds that are found on the entire continents of Europe, Australia and North America.


5.  Ten Percent of All Plant Species Are found in Ecuador

In these amazing Ecuador Facts, this fact is about plant diversity in Ecuador. Because of having a large variety of plant species, all kinds of medicines are made from these plants. In the past, malaria was considered very lethal and there was almost no cure for this disease. Quinine was the first drug that proved to be very effective in treating and preventing people from malaria. This medicine was made from the bark of tree cinchona that is found in Ecuador. As Ecuador has more than 25,000 species of plants, which means about 10 percent of all the plant species in the world grow here.


6. Ecuador Facts: World’s Capital of Cocoa

Cocoa is used for making sweat and delicious chocolates that is the favorite delicacy around the world. Ecuador is the country that produces more than 60 percent of world’s best cocoa. It is produced on farms outside the “Guayaquil”, which is a coastal city.


7. Quito: The World Heritage Site

Among these amazing Ecuador facts, this fact will tell your about rich cultural and historical heritage of Ecuador. Ecuador was took over by the Spanish in 1533, and before them Incans were the ruler who. But Incans were not always ruled here, before them many Amazonian native tribes lived here. In these tribes, a big number survived from Inca and Spanish Rule, which is the main reason their cultural sites and traditions were preserved and saved from destroying by the foreigners. Ecuador also has great sites from the Inca Era. Ecuador’s capital, Quito is considered the best preserved city in entire Latin America and UNESCO has declared it “World Heritage Site”.


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