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Amazing Animals on Endangered Species List [Part 1]

endangered species list

Endangered species are the animals or plants that are facing the danger of extinction from Earth.  According to scientists, there are almost more than 30 million animal species on Earth, but a large number of these species become extinct every year. According to researchers, about 27,000 species are becoming extinct every year. The main reason behind their rapid extinction is mostly illegal hunting for meat, fur or entertainment.  Here are 25 of the most endangered animals on the endangered species list.

endangered species list

1.  Endangered Species List: Addax.

The addax is a beautiful antelope that lives in Sahara desert. It is also known as white antelope or the screwhorn antelope.   The addax is famous for its incredible ability to change their color when the season changes.  They are quite vulnerable to the predators like lions, leopards, cheetahs and humans because of their slow movement.  There are about 1600 addax left in the world (in the wild and captivity).


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