Clever Hacks For Office Supplies


Office Supplies are often purchased in bulk and they are often wasted as a free item by most of the office people. You may have forgotten the box of paper binders at the back of the drawer and you will only be able to figure that out when you get to clean your drawer. The most you will do of those paper binders is to throw them away as you know you can get another pack the next month.

Well stop being that cruel on those poor things. Use the extra pencils, pens, caps of the pens, paper binders and paper clips to be creative. Be creative enough to meet your needs. You just need these things and your brain to turn them into really useful objects. Recycling these materials will also help you to pay a major positive role in preventing the environment from pollution and unnecessary garbage. You will keep your brain active by thinking of creative and crafty ways to make new items and to make new discoveries with those office supplies.

You will do nothing but good to your organization and country by reusing the stuff that was once used to be thrown away. Your organization would be proud of you if you use and reuse the items which are subject to the category of office supplies. You might get a bonus of the most creative mind or if you don’t get a bonus, you will definitely be known for your creativity. So grab your office supplies that are not used no more as they are useless and get to work on them by organizing and mending stuff.

1. Are you tired of the keys in the pocket that jangle? Use a rubber band to keep them from making sound


2. Prevent charging cords and other wires from breaking by securing them with a spring inside the pen


3. Hang your headphones and wrap your earphones in a binder clip to keep them from tangling


4. Make a stand for your phone using a business card and two binder clips


5. Wanna take revenge from some collegue? Make a cross bow for yourself with four pencils, a binder clip, paper clips and rubber bands

ruber bands

6. Cant open a bottle? Put a large rubber band on the cap for a firmer grip

firmer grip

7. Fedup of the door opening and closing again and again? Keep it open by using a couple of pens or pencils

pen n pencils

8. Your clothes keep falling off the hanger? Stop them from slipping by putting two rubberbands on each end


9. Have a damaged or a scrapped screw to open? Use a rubber band for a better grip


10. Rubber bands are your best friends if you want to keep your mobile phones in a secure place in the car

place in car

11. Keyboards are the dirtiest places on the planet! Clean them using a keynote, the sticky side ofcourse!


12. Open a Paper clip and reshape it to make a stand for your phone

paper clip

13. Need a bookmark or want to keep the book open? Use the cap of a pen

book marks

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