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Do You Love Cats? You Need To Know These Facts For Sure Then!


Cats are strange creatures on the planet earth. They love to be pampered like babies and to be taken care of. They can be messy and nasty at time especially when they spill food and spill over the household stuff! This may be very annoying and the worst part is that they may not even listen! You may spend hours on training them but their understanding about things never change.

Cats carry a vital importance in many regions of the world. In China, if a black cat is blocking your way, do not go on that path otherwise something bad will happen. This is what people believe there. In many religions, it is prohibited to be harsh on cats and they are soft creatures to be dealt softly and humbly.

Cat’s paw nails are also used for rituals in black magic. It is also used to prepare a medicine which is useful for many body ailments. Cats love to be stroked and pampered and they would expect more as you give more attention. They are the most attention seeking creatures on earth.

1. You can keep a cat for smelling in anti-narcotics force or other agencies as they have a very strong sense of smell, stronger than that of dogs!


2. Meaowing is a way that cats have discovered to talk to humans, otherwise they do not need to communicate with each other. There are times when two cats can sit together and be silent all of the time


3. Reconsider your decision if you are thinking to train your cat on behavior. She might never understand how much hard punishment is!


4. Though cats have teeth, they do not need to chew food. They can just swallow it and their stomach will digest it for them. How easy and simple!


5. Cats show their love and affection for you by rubbing themselves against you. Even when they meet after a long time, they rub their bodies against each other to show that they were missing each other!

other cat

6. If your cat is purring off and on, don’t be distressed. It is either in pain or is recovering from it, or maybe it wants to communicate and show you that it is pleased by something


7. Cats purr at a specific frequency which helps them in regenerating tissues, thus indirectly promotes healing in the body if there is any injury


8. If a cat licks you, don’t think it is nasty or something. In fact, it is grooming you and loves the taste of salt on your skin!


9. Cats love boxes; they are a place where they can wait for their prey unnoticed. Boxes also help in reducing stress in cats

stres in cats

10. Your cat might be dreaming about meat or buckets full of milk. Yes cats can dream when they doze off!

doze off

11. Look for how your cat blinks. If it is a slow movement, it means that it loves you and trusts you on everything including her life!

her life

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