Have A Look At These 16 Amazingly Beautiful Christmas Trees From Around The World!

Every year people light up a public Christmas tree in different cities all over the world. They place this tree at a particular point where everyone can see it the whole time during winter holidays. The tree is usually huge, grand, plus it gets more creative and spectacular year after year.

The best part about celebrating an international holiday is getting a chance to see how differently people represent the holiday in various regions of the world. We have gathered a list of the photos of most beautiful public Christmas trees of 2015 and it seems like people know very well how to be creative!

#1 This one is a holy tree decorated by the angels and cherubs of the 18th century. It is placed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


#2 A tree made by 2,945 people in Tegucigalpa, Honduras – it broke the Guinness World Record for the biggest Christmas tree made from humans!


#3 Look at this spectacular, purple-themed tree located in Downtown Syracuse, New York.


#4 Here’s a stunning and dazzling looking Christmas tree in the Old Town Square of Prague, Czech Republic.


#5 An up-to-date and delicate Christmas tree in Piazza Castello of Turin, Italy.


#6 The Cathedral Square of Vilmius, Lithuania has an exclusive Christmas tree and it looks as if elves might be staying there!


#7 This is the national Christmas tree in Washington DC, U.S.


#8 The American Museum of Natural History in New York has its dinosaur-looking origami tree!


#9 See this creative and eccentric Christmas tree in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.


#10 The awesome LED tree in Taipei, Taiwan – the LED lights have a show of every half hour daily after sunset.


#11 A Disney-themed Christmas tree covered in 2000 Disney toys in London, England.


#12 A glamorously attractive tree in the center of Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris, France.


#13 This is a LEGO made of more than half a million Lego bricks in Melbourne, Australia.


#14 Here’s a half geometric all around chic Christmas tree in Byblos, Lebanon.


#15 This shiny tree is made up of metallic umbrellas in the Claridge’s Hotel in London, England.


#16 A playfully-themed bright Christmas tree in Warsaw, Poland.


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