Hilarious Notes On Car Windshields [35 Notes]

The Best Car Windshield Notes


Good Morning Speed Racer!

Thank you for performing such a vital community service, all of your neighbors greatly appreuate you wake up call every morning at 7:30

However i should inform you that, Reeving your engine while it is cold wive likely plow a hose of a gasket now that you are awake that this is potentially full dangerous for your racing career we  urge you to save your engine for the trakc

Sincerely, Your Tieed Ass Neighbors


You park like an a hole. We live in a society; our society has benefits such as iphones, supermarkets and a lack of mountain lions attempting to eat you. If yo want the benefits of society follow the rules!

Take an introspective look at you life and figure out why nobody likes you.

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