Scary Pictures of ghosts caught on Camera


In many religions it is believed that ghosts carry a life and they are everywhere just like us human beings. There are other creatures apart from ghosts but are not visible to the human eye but they do exist. It is said that dogs can see these creatures and they can even talk to them. I being a human don’t know whether it is true or not, but there are life instances of many people that I have heard and I know of who have seen ghosts in their surroundings live with their eyes. I get goose bumps even thinking about seeing a ghost. I think ill end up in a heart failure if I see one live.

Ghosts can take any form. They may appear as shadows of human beings or just shadows of unidentifiable figures. Ghosts can harm humans as well while some ghosts mind their own business. They also eat and drink just as we eat and drink. Well we might not know if they urinate or poop too!

Some ghosts also come into the human beings and disturb them mentally and physically. Such a person is said to be obsessed by a ghost and he bears a lot of pain. The family members are eye witnesses to the pains that person bears. For such people, holy priests and popes help the person to get rid of the ghost or spirit and they perform a ritual which is called exorcism. It is a very painful experience but it gives relief to the person who was obsessed by the ghost.

1. That’s a marriage ghost just present to be a witness to the wedding ceremony


2. The ghosts of Gettysburg are famous for their presence at odd times after midnight and when the sun sets. People have heard strange voices in the surroundings of Gettysburg


3. This is in South Carolina. This ghost is known as the gray man and he appears before a storm


4. Well no one wants to be in the store room after seeing that. What a scary sight!


5. The ghost might have come in the kitchen to help with the dished or maybe to arrange them after you wash them up


6. This ghost might be hungry and is looking for what you are preparing for him to eat


7. I would never take the stairs after I see him in the stairways way. I would rather jump from the top of the building to come down and use a lift to go up


8. These shadows are not men of course, they are super natural beings


9. The person who took this picture felt that there was someone present in the room and it may be the one seen on the door!


10. I would never risk sitting at that place however beautiful the place might be after seeing this creepy picture


11. Whats there on the wall. They are so many of them. I think the whole family is invited


12. Whats on the stairway? I don’t want to use the stairs no more


13. Where is this ghost going and what is he up to?



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