Weird Body parts in the world

There are many strange and uncommon things around the world. Such things are recorded in the Guinness book of world records. The records are only broken if any other such weirdest person breaks it. In this article you will come across weird body parts of people across the world. These people are known for their body parts and are even sometimes bullied because of them. It shall be understood that these people have weird bodies but it was not their choice, they should not be taken as a joke and they are human beings just like me and you. Rather these people have an edge on us that they have extraordinary bodies.

1. Kim Goodman can pop out her eye sockets 0.47 inches out. She also has large eyes and the trick that she can do with them is amazing.


2. This girl has the longest nails in the world. Christine Walton has 11 feet long finger nails. Whoop! How does this girl eat or wash herself?


3. Supatra Nat Sasuphan is the hairiest girl in the world. She has a medical condition Ambras Syndrome, in which there is abnormal growth of hair and it cannot be controlled.


4. This boy named Nick Stoeberl has the longest tongue in the world which measures 4 inches.


5. This person is not natural though but still has a world record. He is Lucky Diamond Rich and is 100 % tattooed.


6. Annie Hawkins turner has the largest breasts in the world measuring 72 inches. She can place two dogs at her breasts at the same time and they would be occupying the space completely.


7. Anthony Victor is the person who has the record of the longest ear hair.


8. Ever imagined putting the can od an empty coke or Pepsi in your mouth? Yes im serious! This man can do it. Francisco Domingo has the world’s widest mouth ranging to 7 inches from corner to corner.


9. This is the man who can poke his nose into every affair because he has the longest nose in the world measuring upto 3.5 inches to stretch.


10. He is the most elastic person on the planet earth. He has Ehlers Danlos syndrome in which the body skin can be stretched at a great extent. Garry Turner can stretch his stomach skin to 6.25 inches.


11. Beautiful Long and sexy legs? Svetlana Pankratova has them all. She has 4.25 feet long legs; an average height of a woman in Asia!


12. Braham Takioullah has the longest feet in the whole world and their length goes upto 1 foot. His shoes are ordered a month before he needs to wear them.


13. This is Sarvan Singh who has the beard of length 77 feet long.


14. This is what ladies would look like if they had bodies like Cinderella or Snow white. Cathie Jung has the smallest waist in the world measuring 15 inches at the most.


15. This boy would have learnt counting pretty quickly and would be excellent when doing calculations in Maths. Davendra Harne has 12 fingers and 13 toes.


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